Thistle Beads is the first brick-and-mortar store I designed a website for. It's actually owned by my Mom and sister.

They came to me asking to design a very simple site with basic store information: phone number, hours of operation, and directions. The directions page has an interactive google map that customers can use to find real time directions with. In the end we also added an elegant photo album and event calendar. They host a number of beading classes during the month and this calendar helps give their customers an easy way to see what's going on at the store.

Updated June 18, 2014: We completely redesigned the site. It's still very simple and elegant. We also themed and implemented an ecommerce section of the site for my Mom and sister to sell beads online.

Update May 2015: Thistle Beads decided to go with another provider, so the design has changed. But you can still view a sample of my design using the Internet Archive's Way Back Machine: