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I adhere to modern design patterns so all of my sites are gorgeous and responsive!


I build sites that are blazingly 🔥 fast! JAMstack is my go-to, so my sites are silly performant.


I implement a dedicated dashboard to help make it super easy to manage your content.

Here are some projects I've worked on:

Presbyterian Church of Coventry

PCC is my home church and we redesigned their site from the ground up using Gridsome and Tailwind (with some Bulma), and NetlifyCMS. The site is extremely performant, uses progressive images, features a sleek & modern design, and implements an infinite loading technique for various content.

Bulletins are pulled in automatically from an S3 bucket during the build process and sermons include a number of relationships and can be filtered by series, author, and book.

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Tech used: Vue.js, Gridsome, TailwindCSS, Bulma, NetlifyCMS

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Software Engineer at Travelers. Currently playing around with Vue.js, Gridsome, and TailwindCSS.

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I occasionally take on new projects. If you'd like to hire me for your next website send me a message.